My Galveston Years, 1968-1972 My Galveston Years, 1968-1972 No Dogs Allowed 6740125 After Lunch 6740111 Al Freeman in MY SWEET CHARLIE This photo was taken during a break in filming in the Bolivar Lighthouse, on the Bolivar Peninsula. 6740112 Patty Duke in MY SWEET CHARLIE 6740120 Galveston Friday Night 6740113 Chillin 6740114 USS Savannah The Nuclear ship USS Savannah was de-commissioned at the Todd Shipyards, Galveston. This photo was taken in the reactor room. 6740100 Demolition Man 6740115 Free Admission The time honored method of gaining admittance to the circus, sneaking under the tent. 6740116 Galveston Morning 6740121 Storm Fishing 6740142 Storm Wreck 6740126 After the Storm 6740099 Baytown Oilfield Sunset 10694471 Viet Nam War Peace March 6740122 Glomar Challenger 6740117 Kids in the Hood 6740123 Lighting Up 6740124 Ooooooops! 6740118 The Parade 6740119 Phillipino Seaman 6740141 The Dancer 6740127 The Pencil Lady 6740143 Watcha Doin' Mister? 6740144 Unemployed 6740128 Galveston Wharves Sunset 10694497